Testimonies Sacred Season 2015

Testimonies Sacred Season 2015

Day 11, 19th June 2015

Today we had our Friday communion group. One of our leaders shared a vision he had this week and the vision already is beginning to unfold.  

Day 12, 20th June 2015

Today we had “The Harvest”.  This is a meal we have at Liverpool Uniting with disadvantaged people, those in need or lonely in Liverpool. We also usually have gentle Christian music in the background, a short message (usually a story of Jesus) and a prayer to start and finish. There’s also time to have prayer with anyone who wants following.

Today everything was a bit difficult. First of all one of our dear faithful members who was on roster to do the meal, rang to say she was sick in hospital. Secondly our church kitchen is being renovated and we had to use a small cottage on site instead to prepare the meals.  I was busy to say the least and had no time to bring up my keyboard or seek the Lord for a small message for everyone as I usually do. However God provided. he brought an intercessor to pray whilst the meal was happening and the Lord moved. 

As I was sitting with the group in the sun eating a meal,  one of the faithful members of our community, somebody who most would say hasn’t yet come to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, gave an amazing testimony just in natural conversation with everyone. He told everyone at the dinner table that up to two months ago he’d been in constant pain since his car accident several years ago. But now, he says, the pain is all gone, he can reach to his toes and is now the weight he was when he was in highschool.  And then he said this.  “And Jesus has done this.  I give all my pain to him” He lifted his hands up. “And he has taken it away”.

I was blown away with the confidence of his testimony. God is so good. Thank God for this Sacred Season.

 Day 13, 21st June 2015

Today several miracles happened. Firstly the church was full. Secondly when I looked up from leading worship almost everyone was singing. You might think that’s not much. But for us it is. Something is shifting.  And thirdly God has miraculously provided for our Hindi Pastor.  I’ll let her write up her testimony and share it here.