Day 29 Sacred Season 2015

Day 29 Sacred Season 2015

29.  7th July  Fire on the beach: John 21:1-14  Rev Ron Brookman

When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread   (John 21:9 NIV)

 Basis of Union Paragraph 3:  On the way Christ feeds the Church with Word and Sacraments, and it has the gift of the Spirit in order that it may not lose the way.

 day 29I’m going fishing!

Me too!

 In the wake of the death and mysterious resurrection of Jesus, Peter, James, John and 4 other disciples turned back to the work they knew. Things were very different now. The Man who’d led them, served them, taught them and changed them so radically, was no longer constantly present with them. He would suddenly appear, speak words to them, somehow supercharged with hope and reassurance, then would disappear as suddenly as He came to them.  Whether it was to relax, escape, find some solace in the familiar, or to reflect on His violent death, now seen, not as a fullstop, but as a colon, we don’t know. But it was certainly a time of transition for the disciples, bewildering and uncertain.

Take some time to reflect on uncertainties in your life.

Take some time to reflect on uncertainties in our church’s life and future.

What emotions do they elicit?

The disciples toiled all night and caught not a thing, not as much as a single sardine. Quite depressing. Times of transition, times of uncertainty can be. Times when we’re caught in the in-between.

Just as night was giving way to day, the voice boomed across the sea.

‘Children’. Beloved. You, who are weak, but cared for.

 â€˜Do you have any fish?’ The question only confirmed their weakness, their inability in their own strength.

 â€˜Cast the net on the right side, and you will find some!’ Sheer grace. Help from the One who placed the fish in the sea!

 â€˜It could only be the Lord!’  Typically impetuous, Peter couldn’t make it to land fast enough!

 â€˜Bring some of the fish you’ve caught!’  How gracious. The Lord sets it up but gives them the recognition! He blesses and affirms their work.

 A charcoal fire was in place, the aroma of barbequed fish welcomed them, promising sustenance to recover from their long night. And freshly baked bread, set out by He, who is the Bread of Life.

 Come and have breakfast! 

He took the bread and gave it to them. How could the words, “This is my Body, broken for you,” not resound in their hearts, not remind them of the new covenant He had made with them? How could those words not resonate with the implicit promise of His being with them every time they ate and remembered?

 This was the third time the risen Jesus appeared to them. John gives no further account of His appearing. He concludes His gospel with this appearance and the 3 words of commission to Peter, and to us. He continues to reappear to us, if not manifestly through His Spirit. He continues  to meet us in the dark nights, to show us where to cast our nets, to invite us to join Him in the Meal, and to feed His sheep.

 Take some time to reaffirm Jesus’ presence amid your uncertainties. Ask Him to lead you through.

 Take some time to reaffirm Jesus’ presence in the uncertainties of our Church’s life and future, to ask Him to guide and lead as the Assembly meets next week.

 Be stirred in faith!           Jesus stands among us.                 The fire burns.

 Rev Ron Brookman

 Pray for:  Unitingworld partner – Protestant Church in Maluku

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