Day 25 Sacred Season 2015

Day 25 Sacred Season 2015

DAY 25. 3rd July  Keep your lamps burning:  Luke 12:35-36;   Matthew 25:1-13: 

Joe Stuurman,  Elder of Zillmere Congress,  Queensland

 â€œBe dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning  (Luke 12:35 NIV)

 Basis of Union Paragraph 6:  it is Christ who by the gift of the Spirit confers the forgiveness, the fellowship, the new life and the freedom which the proclamation and actions promise; and it is Christ who awakens, purifies and advances in people the faith and hope in which alone such benefits can be accepted.

The ten Virgins

 The difference between the wise and foolish virgins is, some were ready and others were not, both groups however were initially waiting expectantly.

special virgins by Joe Stuurman
“Artwork:  Special Virgins by Joe Stuurman,  Zilmere Congress

 Could it be a result of not recognising the times and seasons we are in, due to complacency? Are we listening to the wrong voices that want our attention, a cacophony of sound.  Do you have too much of the world in you that dulls your hearing of the still small voice?            How do we come back to our first love?

 In this transition we can redeem the time to make adjustments necessary to buy and purchase oil for our lamps. Which means spending time with God?  This needs to be a heartfelt decision to close off distractions that are the portals of this world. 

 Let us then open heavenly portals by being Heavenly minded and focussed. Do not fall asleep in the 11th hour as we are so close to His coming. Jesus will only come back to those that love and want Him, so look up and look to Him with expectation.

 We are in a season of transition, therefore make the necessary choices that confront you, It maybe hard to make some decisions but God does not place us in a position that you can’t endure. Step out and walk into a new realm of faith that is there, as the church age closes, the Kingdom age begins.

 As a wise virgin, wait well and God bless you as you come up higher in the things of God.


 Father, We can get off track over time in administration duties and so we tend to make assumptions about you.  Then we enter what’s called a slippery slope that takes us away from you because we’ve been caught up in the concerns of the world.  Help us seek you God, humble ourselves to seek your Face  so we can be realigned with the Spirit of God.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 

Pray for:  Unitingworld partner –  National Council of Churches in Korea

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