Day 24 Sacred Season

Day 24 Sacred Season

24.  2nd July Salted with fire:  Mark 9:44-50    Rev Dean Whittaker and Pastor Lloyd Hollingsworth

Mark 9:49-50

 â€˜For everyone will be salted with fire.[q] 50 Salt is good; but if salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it?[r] Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another  (Mark 9:49 NIV)

 Basis of Union Paragraph 4:  he calls people into the fellowship of his sufferings, to be the disciples of a crucified Lord; in his own strange way Christ constitutes, rules and renews them as his Church.

 I have spent some time thinking about Mark’s quotation of Jesus, “For everyone will be salted with fire.”  It is not a Bible reading that I’ve really looked at before.  It seems to be a pretty consistent translation looking at various versions, although some of the later ancient versions of Mark added or substituted “and every sacrifice will be salted with salt”. 

 It is a quite enigmatic sentence… it may have been an old proverb in Jesus’ day – well known and well understood. The use of salt for preservation or for offering up with sacrifices may have been obvious back then. But not for me, or most of us, today.

 I can imagine a giant saltshaker shaking out flames, although I doubt that Jesus used salt shakers like we do today.

 One of my colleagues said that image makes him think of the story of Pentecost and the flames landing on each person’s head. 

 Anyway, for some reason, I feel like sharing something my colleague Pastor Lloyd Hollingsworth shared with us earlier this year to help us in our praying this morning…

 Pastor Lloyd Hollingsworth dream


I had a dream this morning. I had the dream and I woke up, and I asked the Lord for the interpretation  He gave me the interpretation and I drifted back into sleep again and the dream continued.  It’s highly unusual for me.  So when it happens I know that it comes from the Spirit of the Lord and it’s relevant for here now.

 Father I ask you in Jesus’ name, as I share the dream you would download into their Spirit what the interpretation means and impact them by the dream.  

 This is the dream

 I was in the church in Cairns.  I wanted to enter the building.  It was in the semi-darkness, approaching the doorway.  Two teenagers were sitting on the church steps.   Across the doorway was a large purple curtain. The curtain was blocking my way into the building.  People were inside.  I went right on up to the curtain through the teenagers.  I pulled the curtain right up to my face to my eyes, to peer inside through the purple curtain, to see what was happening inside.  As I looked through the curtain material I clearly saw the elderly minister at the front of the church ministering on the pulpit of our church. He represents the old guard. He represents the old wine skin.  That is the interpretation the Spirit of the Lord gave me when I woke up.  

 I woke up.  Lord Jesus please give me the interpretation of the dream.

 Its interpretation came.  The two teenagers sitting on the church steps represent the younger generation trying to get into the church.  But it’s blocked. Their entry into the church is blocked by that curtain.  What does purple represent?  There was a royal coloured curtain there.  The teenagers wanted to come through but they couldn’t.  They cannot enter because of the curtain blocking their entry across the doorway.  I asked the Lord what does that curtain represent.  Clear as a bell He gave it to me.  It represents fanatical religiosity.  Fanatical religiosity is stopping the entry of the new wine skins.  Fanatical religiosity is a devil. It is more than that, it is a principality. It can be compared to the Prince of Persia.  That is how powerful this religious spirit is over the church in this land and over the church around the world.  Fanatical religiosity is that curtain that is stopping the entry of our young people, our youth.  And that is why the church is dying because there is no youth. No reproduction is taking place in the church because of the old order .

 When we get old we can’t reproduce, husbands and wives in the natural. God intervened for Sarah and Abraham in their old age to give them their capacity to have their son. That’s why Sarah laughed.  There is no reproduction taking place in the church because of the deadness of religion preventing new birth taking place in the church.

 I fell back into sleep again. The dream continued.  I was back in the church again. It seemed to be semi-darkness again inside the church.  I was dressed in pyjamas in the church.  The semi-darkness represents the spirit of fanatical religiosity.  The pyjamas represent the fact that the church is sleeping. We sleep in our pyjamas don’t we?

 The pastor was there in the church and in the front row.  I could hear a shuffling noise but because it was dark I couldn’t see what was going on.  There seemed to be other people present.  A table was spread at the front of the meeting.  I sat down at the table.  A meal was brought to me.  I ate.  As the meal was being brought to me it spilled onto the floor.   I was so hungry that I ate but the meal had been spilled over onto the table by the person bringing it to me… it was falling off of the plate and onto the floor.  Teenagers were present in the meeting. I asked them to clean up the spilled food. They refused.  

 Interpretation:  It’s your mess, you clean it up yourselves you old fellows.

 I had to turn to my aunty Hilda who is now deceased…  and she was one of the cleaners of our church.  â€œAunty Hilda will you help me clean up the mess please?” She   smiled at me and said “Yeah, the young ones aren’t doing it.  We’ve got to do it”.

 We did clean up the spilled food.  Older folks, we have to clean up that which we have messed up. That’s part of the interpretation: clean up to make it possible for the next generation to come through.  I went back to my dad who was still sitting in the front in the semi-darkness.  I asked him, â€œIs there a meeting happening here tonight?” And he said “Something may happen”.

 The next thing suddenly, the youth started moving.  The clean up has taken place. Aunty Hilda has come through and cleaned up.  And then suddenly the youth started moving.  Get ready for the ‘suddenlies’ people. The ‘suddenlies’ have already occurred in the Spirit. There has to be a physical manifestation of that which has taken place in the Spirit.

 The youth started moving, bringing their musical instruments, their speakers, their microphones and all their gear, the drums, the pianos, the keyboards to the front of the church.   The youth represent the new wineskins.  It has to be a new wineskin to contain the outpouring of the new wine.

 The next thing the keyboard was started being played. It was anointed.  I could hear it in the memory of my dream. I’ve been a musician for 51 years.  I know when I hear anointed music because there is an immediate response in my spirit man and I start to laugh, and dance and sing and shout and praise the Lord. Next thing they started to play and to sing . It was beautiful.  It was anointed. It was so anointed that I started to dance.  That was the dream.

 All the people in the dream were my own people, Aboriginal people, Gabbi Kumera. Father God is going to move supernaturally, powerfully amongst my people in this ancient land.  It’s time.  Nationally, God is going to move across this nation. The move of the Holy Spirit has begun and it is already manifesting itself out there in various parts of the nation.  We need Him to come now. Let’s pray for Him to come.   


Father we release this word to the people here today, Father may you come, may you act, may your people respond to this and move in perfect sequence with you in this your church, in this fellowship, in the name of Jesus, impact your people.  Those who have ears let them hear what the Spirit of the Lord says to you today in Jesus’ name and let them respond accordingly.  Because everyone will be salted with fire. Amen

 Pray for:  Unitingworld partner –  Korean Methodist Church

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