Day 12 Sacred Season 2015

Day 12 Sacred Season 2015

DAY 12.  20th June   Humility and fire (part one) :                    

Psalm 18: 25-28     Rev Ron Brookman      New South Wales

You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.  You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light (Ps 18:27-28 NIV

 Basis of Union Paragraph 3:  Jesus of Nazareth announced the sovereign grace of God whereby the poor in spirit could receive God’s love. Jesus himself, in his life and death, made the response of humility, obedience and trust which God had long sought in vain.


Alexis came to our healing service, terrified of dying. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour she shared a room in the oncology ward with Julie, from our church. Julie invited her to the healing service to find hope, and hopefully, Jesus. Alexis sought leave from the hospital to come. Sometimes both ladies came together, each wearing their head scarves. Julie’s face beamed with faith, hope and love. Alexis’ face was heavy with worry and fear.


As we prayed for the sick, and anointed each with oil, a team member would share a brief word from the Scripture to inspire faith and hope. Over months the ladies came and went from oncology, but eagerly sought to come to the solace found at the healing service. Alexis came to believe in Jesus, and to place her trust in Him. The weight of her countenance lifted, and she, too, would come, able to join in worship, to lift her hands with what strength she had, and to know that she was held in His hands.


The cancer beat her. 6 months on, she passed on. But she had beaten the cancer. Her husband came to our healing service 4 weeks later to thank us and to play a recording that Alexis had made for her family and friends in the week that she passed onto Glory. She testified that having found Jesus she had also found peace and freedom from fear. All anxiety had passed, and though she would miss seeing her children married, and the grand children they would give life to, she knew that she had greater life, and would see it all from Heaven. Worry and fear had been eclipsed by faith and peace.


The Lord places fire in our lives’ engine. His light keeps our lamps burning.

Our God turns the darkness of our fears and pain into the light of His love, His hope, His peace.


Pride stubbornly clings to the world and its values.  It demands life according to the materialistic, have-it-now, must control, appetites of our 5 senses.  Humility surrenders to God, and trusts that His eternal love and light releases LIFE to our souls. This life treasures His promises and Covenant, casting light upon what is truly of worth, revealing the sham of the world’s vain glory. His love holds our hearts secure.


6 months later Julie also passed into the fullness that her faith had believed for, holding her Cross in her left hand, her right hand open, facing upwards, awaiting the hand of Jesus to come to lift her. Doubtless she heard the words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’, as He did so.


Eternal God of love, grace and beauty,

Thank You that You have opened my eyes to behold Your light,

that You have placed Your flame of love and life within my soul,

that You keep my lamp burning, and turn my darkness into light.

Come to us, as a church, particularly as the Assembly meets next month.

Cause Your living flame to be at the heart of each meeting, and in the fellowship between all members. Guide and lead, casting Your light on every session, that the lamp of the Uniting Church may burn bright in our world.   In Jesus’ Name, Amen            Rev Ron Brookman

Pray for:  a) partner –  Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma    b) UnitingCare Australia