Day 10 Sacred Season 2015

Day 10 Sacred Season 2015

DAY 10: .  18th June  Fire and the tabernacle:  Numbers 9:15-23;  2 Chronicles 7:1-3   Annette Blaze ,   Victoria

On the day the tabernacle, the tent of the covenant law, was set up, the cloud covered it. From evening till morning the cloud above the tabernacle looked like fire.  (Numbers 9:15 NIV)


BOU:  Par 8The Uniting Church acknowledges that the continuing presence of Christ with his people is signified and sealed by Christ in the Lord’s Supper or the Holy Communion, constantly repeated in the life of the Church.


God was with the Israelites – visible as a cloud by day and a fire by night. The people obeyed God. But day or night, when the cloud lifted from the tabernacle they broke camp and followed wherever it led. When the cloud remained still, they camped and waited on God.  God related to the people through his servant Moses. The tabernacle where God dwelled was a holy place. This Holy God tabernacles with us as we immerse ourselves in his Word and obey his commandments. When God tells us to move or to be still we must obey.


God revealed himself to Martin Luther when he sought God through the Hebrew and Greek scriptures and came to the realisation that it is not about us. It is all about God – God with whom we have a relationship through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. “For in him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28).


In 2 Chronicles 6 we read Solomon’s prayer to God. In verse 9 he asks, “But will God really live on earth among people?”(NLT) That was a prophetic statement. Solomon had been blessing God for keeping his promises and asking God to keep another promise to his father David that his descendants would continue to rule over Israel. Solomon, sinner as he was, had a deep relationship with God. After this prayer he called on God to enter the temple, his resting place. Fire flashed down from heaven and burnt up the burnt offerings and sacrifices and the glorious presence of the Lord completely filled the temple. The priests could not enter. When the glory of God came down the people fell face down on the ground and worshipped and praised the Lord, saying,   “He is good;   his love endures forever!”


We trust our delegates to Assembly to remember that it is not all about them or us. It is about the revelation of God’s truth that comes when a community of faith spends time in deep prayer. It is not about convincing arguments or fine rhetoric. God’s invincible, overwhelming resurrection power is unleashed when people pray constantly  “in one accord”. (Acts 1:14). There is nothing more profound than an assembly of people taking the time to pray until the glory of God comes down.   God’s faithful love endures forever.



Lord you are the one in control of your people. Let us be so aware of you that we move when you call, rest when you are still and be forever watchful. Show us ourselves that we may repent of any sin in our life so that our prayers will be the humble, believing prayers of a righteous person in holy fear of the awesomeness of an almighty God. Thank you for the Scriptures, which from beginning to end tell forth your unfathomable love for the world. May the resurrected power of Jesus Christ be our standard in all our decisions!      In Jesus name.         Annette Blazé


Pray for:  Unitingworld partner –  Evangelical Church of New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands

b)  the future shape of the UCA’s work in remote Australia which have come  in a report of a consultation to be held June 3 -5 and the fall out of changes from Frontier Services over the last three years.  Pray for guidance, direction and wisdom for the church for this important ministry