Healing and Revival

           Healing and Revival    

John Morris         by John Morris

We in the Uniting Church in Australia did not like some of the things going on in the Church.  We wanted things to be biblical and in line with the Basis of Union. 

How do we get people to change?  

 Well we could form many committees to run a “CRUSADE”:   committees to raise the required money;                                                                                                     


  • advertising;    
  • hiring a large venue                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • and  equipment;  
  • hiring a rock band and rock STAR;  
  • get TV and media coverage;  
  • and of course several 100 horsepower amplifiers;  
  • preachers of hellfire and brimstone;   
  • trumpets and disco lights for a BIG FANFARE.  


That should bring the people in!  Best of all, everyone’s working on a committee




We could see what the Bible tells us. 


BUT, first let’s look at ourselves!   Do you really love everyone in your own church?   If we don’t love them, how can we love those outside the church? 


Only when our love is right can God use us to win and change others. 


WE can’t change them, but we can pray the Holy Spirit to change them, and if our hearts are right with God, the Holy Spirit will listen to us.  But this is a slow process and we’ll never catch up and overtake those causing the trouble in the church.  What is needed is a


 Let’s look at Matt 10.  Jesus sent out the disciples 2 by 2 to HEAL

the sick and tell the Good News.  Luke 10 doesn’t say “to Heal”, but  it says “even the demons obeyed us in your name.” 

 So there was  HEALING!                 

This is where we are lacking!  We need to plead to God to give the Gift of HEALING to some people.  (YOU?)  

 When someone was healed, a mob formed, and they realised that God loved and cared about them, so they listened, and many believed! 

 They didn’t hire a venue, just wherever they were! 

 What no committees?   No,  they just Healed and told the Good News.  If this happened today, everyone would ring, on their mobile, home, family and friends, TV and media news, and they would be there in a flash!  Free advertising!   See what I mean?   We aren’t doing it in the RIGHT way!  


We need a REVIVAL.  


Just HEALING and telling the GOOD NEWS when a mob forms  –

just as Jesus taught.




Sing this song prayerfully to yourself:


Send a great REVIVAL in my soul

Send a great REVIVAL in my soul

Bid the HOLY SPIRIT come and take control.

And send a great REVIVAL in my soul


(Church, home, town, state, Australia, other countries)


Then we’ll see a change in the Uniting Church in Australia and other churches too and EVERYWHERE in Australia.


Here’s another thought:


With TV and media coverage (there’d be a lot with miracle healing) other countries would also see TV coverage and  a REVIVAL may start OUTSIDE of Australia too!


WORTH PRAYING about,  don’t you think?


John Morris,  Liverpool Uniting Church