“A Vision” by John Morris

“A vision” by John Morris

I HAD A VISION FROM GOD. How did I know?  I felt God telling me to go the Adelaide Confessing Congregations Convention. I was in the process of getting ready to have a hiatus hernia operation and the process was long and it was getting closer to convention time.  I was not anxious about the operation and I knew I was going to get to the convention one way or another, but did not have the operation until 2 weeks before the Convention. I’d been told 6 weeks at least convalescing.  I was in hospital 1 week. There was NO pain except “gown”  rubbing on cuts.  Everything went so smoothly to the Adelaide convention and back and also at all the sessions. God told me to speak up at the very end of Convention. GOD WAS IN CONTROL from beginning to end.

 This is the vision:

 I was in the Assembly. It was the beginning of Assembly and I read from the Basis of Union that there is one God. Jesus is God’s son. Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to those who believe. The Holy Bible is the inspired word of God and is to be preached. Therefore I moved, then demanded in the name of God and of Jesus the motion that EVERYONE in the ASSEMBLY be tested before God that they believe those things I read. Those who could not or would not swear before God that they believe, were to be stripped of their delegation.

 It seemed in the vision that the rest of the Assembly shouted either “second that” or “YES”.

 Then a voice BOOMED from above saying:


 Everyone was tested and I seemed to be collecting delegates’ badges who did not believe. As I was collecting, a man to the left of me collapsed and I said “carry him outside”. That ended the vision!

 I believe this is what God wants done. So talk to your delegate to move this, or at least support it. I’m not a delegate, but of course if God wants ME to move that motion, He’ll put me there whether I like it or not! God is in control.

 John Morris.    November 2012