General Secretary – Colleen Geyer’s prayer points

27th February 2017     From Colleen Geyer,  General Secretary of the Uniting Church in Australia

 Re ASC (Assembly Standing Committee) , a few things before us that would be good to have some prayer for:

  • The Assembly Strategic Plan – this will provide some focus for our work for three years from July 2017
  • The next Assembly meeting – 15th Assembly in July 2018 – we’ve begun our planning and as you know the triennial Assembly meeting is extremely important for our Church
  • Our response to the Royal Commission – this work is reported to ASC each time we meet as we continue to work to providing safe environments for children in all the activities and institutions of the UCA.   The UCA will appear before the Commission on Friday 10th March.
  • A national approach to leadership development for the leaders in every part of the UCA – as part of cooperating nationally, we’re looking to ways we can offer more effective support, resourcing and training for leaders
  • The work of the Multi Cross Cultural National Reference Committee – we’ll have a significant report from this Committee and the important work they do across the UCA and the connection they bring to the national work

  I’m not sure you’ve received the information about a few things that are happening in 2017 for the 40th Anniversary of the UCA?

One that I know you’ll be interested in is that the President, along with the Chair of Congress, the Moderators and the General Secretaries are calling the Church to 40 days of prayer (14 May to 22 June) for our Church and what God can do through us. To begin, the President, along with the Chair of Congress, the Moderators and the General Secretaries will pray together for the first 40 hours. This 40 days will also include A Destiny Together, a week of prayer and fasting for our commitment to and walking with the Congress and First Peoples of this land.

We think this will be a significant time in our anniversary year.

Thank you so much for your prayers.



Rev Terence Corkin’s Prayer Points for Assembly Standing Committee Meeting March 2015  (20th-23rd March)

“At ASC in March we have a very full agenda which includes major reports that affect Frontier Services and the Beneficiary Fund. There are also significant discussions around budget and priorities, and matters going to the Assembly including the Doctrine paper on marriage, a paper on Eldership, the ongoing discussion about how we handle membership in the UCA and the nomination of the next General Secretary will also be on the agenda in March. Another appointment is the new National Director for Multicultural and Cross cultural ministry. There are also a number of discussions an decision which reflect work undertaken in response to issues raised in the Royal Commission. The Standing Committee has added an extra day to its meeting in order to handle the volume and complexity of the business.”

Rev Terence Corkin’s prayer points (General Secretary UCA) July 201



The residential and some other aged care services will move out from FS at the end of June. Please pray for the new entity Australian Remote and Rural Aged Care, a subsidiary of Blue Care in Qld as they take on these responsibilities and of course the people for whom they care.




A great time of transition as they reshape their future. There are staff leaving due to being smaller, reorganization to happen, revisioning to take place, finances to get in order and a relocation of the staff back to the same floor in Pitt St as the rest of the Assembly.




Some minor tweaking and hopefully encouragement to this ministry.




The Anglican General Synod will have considered this document in early July. It is a statement of what we have agreed we can do together and an encouragement and a challenge to the churches to take up these ecumenical possibilities for the sake of the gospel.




With all the challenges across the church the Assembly is exploring whether it is timely to foster such a process of prayerful discernment.




Always an issue but with recent financial crises across the church we are needing to find the call that God has for the Assembly and the way to find God’s provision.




I am presently under review with the consideration of an extension. By the time your prayer meeting happens the report will be prepared. Prayer before then and for the ASC when receiving that report will be appreciated.




A stepping back exercise to see what we are doing to support the covenant with Congress, where there are positive examples and seeking to encourage new ways to strengthen the covenant.




Ongoing  – pray for the survivors and the right character in the churches and its officers to respond with justice and compassion.




Two pieces of work that are expressive of a recognition that we need to do this stuff differently. The first was a meeting looking at serious national co-operation and the second is the new policy development group from within which the leadership and vision will come in this area.


Grace and Peace,




General Secretary


Uniting Church In Australia, Assembly



Rev Terence Corkin’s (General Secretary) prayer points for November 2013


  1. The Aged Care ministry of Frontier Services. This has been a challenging year for this area of ministry and prayers for the Standing Committee as it considers the best way to proceed in the new year, as well as for the staff who are carrying an extra load and of course the well being of the residents and other clients of the services.
  2. The ASC will continue to consider the work of the National Response and Engagement Task Group which is assisting the UCA to engage with the Royal Commission into Childe Sexual abuse in Institutions. The UCA has not been asked to appear before the Commission, although there is still time should the Commission want to so next year. However prayer for the groups working on this that they may be caring for survivors and honest about the church’s failings where we have would always be welcome.
  3. Appointment of a new staff person in Christian Formation and Discipleship. This is an important position in the life of the church and holds the promise of being a stimulator to congregations in how to be effective in forming people for discipleship in the 21st century.




Rev Terence Corkin’s (UCA) prayer points for November 2012



  •  Rronang Gurrawurra – National Chair of Congress who has just had major surgery and is recovering
  • The ministry of UnitingWorld and the thanks that it has received re accreditation with AusAid
  • The ministry of Korean congregations in the UCA
  • Review of the ministry of the National Consultant – Rev Dr Chris Walker
  • The commencement of many working groups who have been appointed by the Standing Committee as a way to follow up decisions of the 13th Assembly


Rev Terence Corkin’s (UCA General Secretary prayer points for use in the 40 days of prayer and fasting 12th June -21st July 2012.  (repeat once) 

Prayer Points – International 

  1. National Council of Churches (June 7): for the ecumenical life of the churches in Australia as the traditional structures are under stress that God will enable new ways for the institutional church to express its commitment to the unity that Christ prays for. Bless local ecumenical undertakings in shared mission. Pray for churches here that have come from overseas and are concerned about the treatment of Christians in their homeland, especially the Copts and the Assyrian Church of the East.
  2. Church in the Land of Papua as they continue to experience the eroding of their civil rights under the pressure of increased immigration from other parts of Indonesia.
  3. Timor Leste – as they strive to make a constructive contribution in a land where there is great poverty but the potential for significant resources to flow from the oil and gas resources off the coast.
  4. The Methodist Church of Fiji â€“ as it continues its third year of repression under the military dictatorship and is still unable to undertake its normal functions because it is unable to meet as a Conference, District and even at a congregational level without permission of the government authorities. Pray for the staff of UnitingWorld and in particular Bruce Mullan the Pacific Secretary and Kerry Enright the National Director as they navigate a way through the political challenges involved in their support for the church and a change in government policy.
  5. Christian Church in Japan â€“ as it seeks to find ways of responding to the ongoing needs of marginal and disadvantaged groups in the ongoing aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and radiation leaks. Give thanks for the generosity of the people in the UCA who enabled a grant to be given through the Assembly to the national Christian body in support of their work with the most vulnerable to being overlooked – the non ethnic Japanese.
  6. The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga â€“ in Tonga as it deals with the great challenges created in Tongan society by young Tongans who are deported back to Tonga after serving time in jail in other countries.
  7. Our partners in Korea – the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) and the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) as they continue their ongoing witness in Korea and around the world that they will work in partnership with local churches in other countries and that their work for the successful hosting of the General Assembly  of the World Council of Churches in 2013 will go well.
  8. Indonesian churches – living out the Christian faith in a multicultural and developing third world country.
  9. The Presbyterian and Methodist Churches (and others) as they continue to wrestle with the pastoral and missional issues that have arisen from the earthquakes in Christchurch. Give thanks for the generous people of the UCA who have enabled grants of over $A100,000 to be given through the Assembly to our partners in Aotearoa – New Zealand to support recovery work undertaken by the Methodist Mission in Christchurch and the Presbytery of Otago.
  10. The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe in its difficult situation and its presiding Bishop 

 Prayer Points – local 

  1. The triennial national Conference of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) which meets from July 3 – 12. God’s leading as they make important decisions about the shape and resourcing of the national work of Congress. For a clear vision and a sense of God’s leading into its fulfilment.
  2. Pray for the small group leaders, members of the facilitation group, chaplains and the many other roles that are required in order for the Assembly to function effectively as a community of faith seeking the will of God.
  3. Pray for the local Administrator, Mrs Gwenda Kerley, the arrangements Committee and volunteers as they bring all the loose ends of a complicated event together to the glory of God.
  4. The President – elect, Rev Dr Andrew Dutney, as he continues his preparation for taking up the office of President on July 15. That the Lord of the church who has called him will grant him peace, wisdom, grace and peace as he proceeds through these final stages of preparation..
  5. For the 280 voting members of the Assembly as they receive their papers and make their plans to attend. Pray for openness to the Holy Spirit’s leading and a heart for discernment as they undertake their responsibilities at the 13th Assembly meeting.
  6. Pray with thanksgiving for the work of the many Agencies, Working Groups and Committees that enable to work of the Assembly, and church, to be advanced through their gifts, dedication and hard work. They present their reports on Tuesday and Wednesday July 14 and 15.
  7. Pray for the four nominees for President – elect; and any others who are nominated after this list was established. They are Rev Dr Chris Walker (from NSW / ACT), Rev Dr Anita Monro (from NSW / ACT), Rev Ken Williams (from WA) and Mr Stuart McMillan (from the Northern Synod) that the Lord of the church will uphold them as they go through this process and that the Holy Spirit will guide the members of the Assembly about who is to be elected as President – elect. The first ballot will be Wednesday July 15.
  8. Remember the General Secretary and the staff of the Secretariat as they manage the process for the Assembly preparations. Pray for the General Secretary as he awaits the discernment of the church about whether he should receive an extension for another three year term from the end of 2012
  9. Pray with thanks for, and on behalf of, Frontier Services as it brings a proposal that the UCA recommit itself to standing in support with the people of remote Australia, in this the centenary year of the foundation of the Australian Inland Mission (of which it is a successor organisation).
  10. Pray for UnitingWorld and its staff as it brings together a program for the 40 plus overseas visitors from our partner churches who will be in attendance and all the practical arrangement involved.




Prayer points for use in November 2010


Week 1


Ø  Thanks for the ministry of Rev Dr Mark Hillis as he concludes at the Assembly as National Director for Christian Education and commences at Epping UCA.

Ø  The work of the Assembly Legal Reference Committee as it prepares regulations to assist the church in how to make property more widely accessible for alternative missional use.

Ø  The National Council of Churches and its 19 member churches.


Week 2


Ø  For the Board of Frontier Services which meets this Friday and Saturday and the work that it undertakes across 85% of the land mass of Australia.

Ø  For the ongoing ministry of our partner churches in Indonesia and other places that experience ongoing disruption and suffering through frequent natural disasters.

Ø  The United Church in the Solomon Islands.


Week 3


Ø  The meeting of the Assembly Standing Committee which is held this weekend and has a number of important matters before it. Please pray generally for those who have leadership of the various matters before the ASC and specifically for the matters that follow.

Ø  The report of the Christian Unity Working Group, including that the positive possibilities present in the Lutheran – UCA Declaration of Mutual Recognition and the Joint statement with the Roman Catholic Church on Mission will be realised in the years ahead.

Ø  Pray for the consideration on Friday evening on whether the UCA should apply for membership to the Pacific Conference of Churches.


Week 4


Ø  The ASC considered a paper on chaplaincy in Church schools and Agencies last weekend. Please pray for the people who serve Christ in this way and that that Church will support and encourage them appropriately.

Ø  For the General Secretaries across the Synods and Assembly who will be meeting with their counterparts from the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in NZ this week.

Ø  Our partner church in the Philippines, The United Church of Christ in the Philippines and Rev Andy Tiver who has recently been inducted to a UnitingWorld placement with that church.


Prayer points for use in September


Week 2


Ø  For the new government of Australia as it seeks to find a new way of leading the nation.

Ø  For the community and churches of the Canterbury District in New Zealand after the earthquake and the ministry and witness of the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ø  The World Council of Churches and in particular its “Living Letters” visit to Indigenous communities from Sept 12 to 17.


Week 3


Ø  The Assembly staff in Pitt St as they continue to experience the challenges of settling into the new office on level 10 and coping with the unfinished parts of the move.

Ø  The meeting of the Anglican General Synod of the Anglican Church in Australia meeting in Melbourne which will consider its response to a proposed Covenant of Association with the Uniting Church.

Ø  Igreja Protestante Iha Timor Lorosa’e (Protestant Church in East Timor)


Week 4


Ø  For Rev Dr Sandy Yule the Secretary of the Christian Unity Working Group and the work of the Committee.

Ø  For the Ministerial Education Commission and its work in fostering and supporting appropriate standards of theological education and formation for the ministries of the church.

Ø  The preparations for the next 5 year meeting of the World Methodist Council in Durban South Africa in 2011, and the appointment of the UCA delegation.

Prayer points for use in August 2010


Week 1


Ø  Thanks for the affirmation of the Ministry of Rev Glenda Blakefield as the Associate General Secretary following her review.

Ø  Thanks for the Standing Committee support for the proposed Covenant of Association between the Anglican and Uniting Churches and prayer for it s it is considered at the Anglican General Synod in September.

Ø  The Churches and people of Pakistan as they struggle to respond to the enormous damage caused by the extensive flooding.


Week 2


Ø  For Christians of all political parties who are standing for election on August 21, that they will remain faithful and effective witness to the particularity of their Christian faith as they seek to serve their community in this way.

Ø  Give thanks for the work of UnitingJustice Australia in its role of representation and resourcing for the Church. In particular give thanks of the positive response to the election material “Building an Economy for Life”

Ø  Give thanks for the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga that so regularly welcomes and supports people who are sent there as part of UnitingWorld’s experience program.


Week 3


Ø  For the ministry of Frontier Services as it continues to provide leadership, support and companionship to people across this broad land. Remember particularly the preparations for the outback car rally and the Adelaide Show promotions in September.

Ø  Give thanks for the ministry of UnitingWorld as it seeks to strengthen the witness and service of our partner churches in many countries.

Ø  The United Church of Papua New Guinea and its Moderator Rev Samson Lowa who was knighted in the recent Queen’s Birthday honours list in that country..


Week 4


Ø  For the seminar ‘Christ and Human Rights – Hospitality of God’ being held at United Theological College on September 13 and sponsored by UnitingJustice Australia.

Ø  For the preparations for the meetings of the Northern, South Australian and Western Australian Synods that are taking place over the next couple of months.

Ø  Our partner church in Vanuatu, the Presbyterian Church, which is preparing to host Ministers who are attending one of the President’s Minster’s Conferences next year.