UPF letter about the month of Prayer and Fasting

Call for us in Uniting Prayer and Fasting to Fast and Pray in October for Marriages and Families

praying-hands-2Uniting Prayer and Fasting have registered to partner with many other mainline denominations and groups across our nation for a month of prayer and fasting during October for marriages and families. This prayer venture was first initiated by the Australian Catholic Marriage and family council and now with the Catholic Church’s encouragement and permission other churches are joining in their own way.  Warwick Marsh and the team from the National Day of Prayer and Fasting are facilitating the body of Christ coming together at this time. I have never seen the church come together in such a way before in Australia and I give thanks and praise to God as we cry out together for mercy for our country.

We invite you to join us in fasting and praying through the month of October for marriage and families.  It is vital that the churches come together at this time in our nation to pray not only for the protection of the sanctity of marriage, but also for: 

  • marriages and families
  • our own repentance regarding marriage and families; 
  • families in distress; 
  • those experiencing same gender attraction and their families; 
  • the debate that occurs in our country will be fair and respectful including in parliament and the media and an outcome that preserves God’s plan for marriage.

Please remember to pray for our Uniting Church at this time because as you know their is much division in our church over this issue.  Pray that we can have the balance of respecting and loving one another but not to be afraid of speaking out what we believe is God’s will in this matter as revealed in scripture.  Pray for compassionate and truthful courage and conviction to sweep through our church and that a strong, united, compassionate, humble, truth telling remnant would rise up. 

As we pray together I do believe that the Lord Jesus wants to bless and revive the  marriages and families in our country with His mercy and grace, maybe even our own marriages and families.  I believe we will see miracles of God’s healing and compassion flowing from the Cross of Christ as the sanctity of marriage is protected. There is great power as the body of Christ comes together humbly in prayer.  The Lord Jesus wants to wash us all tenderly as his bride with water and the word (see Ephesians 5).  This will flow then out into the nation.

I encourage you to respectfully stir up as many people you can in your congregations to also join in this amazing coming together of the body of Christ at this time for His glory.  If you want a daily devotional sent to you for the month  from the combined churches team please go to this link  click here.

I apologise that there is not more notice as it is only just evolving and coming into being. 

Please let me know if you are committed to this and will be fasting and praying through the month.  It is very important that at least some Uniting Church members and groups are joining together with the wider body at this time. The Assembly of Confessing Congregations have also registered partnership with this month of prayer and fasting.   Click here    for the ACC page and more information. 

blessings and love in Christ