Day 33

Some amazing people have come to the prayers. This week we had a group come from Panania Uniting Church. It was so encouraging to have them join us. The Lord is continue to be doing a deep transforming work within many of us.

I have seen people becoming transformed in front of my eyes, from depressed, sick people, to people shining with the joy of the Lord. It has been such a joy to watch.

The Lord has been challenging us especially in the area of laying down our control of others, and letting the Lord be in control. It comes back to trusting him and letting him be God.

Tomorrow we head to Adelaide. We are full of praise because the Lord has sustained us so far and know that he will continue to do so. This is His work. He has come to assess and deal with us as a church, not to condemn us and put us down, but so that we might live and endure through these changes of history through the news of his completed work.

All glory and praise the Lord for all His goodness!
Glory to God! Glory to God! Glory to God!