Day 24

Day 22, we had a good group of about 12 people that came. The Lord brought much healing to those gathered. One woman reported that when we prayed for her last week, she had been bleeding for about 2 weeks and was quite sick with this. After prayer, the bleeding stopped immediately and hasn't returned. Praise the Lord. Another man had been having continual pain at night and couldn't sleep. After prayer he has been able to sleep every night. This is over a week later. 
The Lord has been teaching us to pray in a different way. We call out a prayer point (decided by the group). While the music plays everyone prays out loud with no voice dominating another. Then when the music stops all praying ceases and the next prayer point is read out. 
Day 23. I received healing myself. I have a disc that has degenerated and every so often it shifts into a wrong position, and I get spasms. Once the spasms happen it usually gets worse and worse till I have physio. I have traction and that usually fixes it. However I couldn't get to see the physio for a few days so I received prayer for healing. I have had not spasms since (24 hours) only slight twinges. Praise the Lord!!!
A woman came today and testified that the Lord miraculously provided for her and her family after prayers on Sunday night. The provision came almost immediately and all the glory went to the Lord!
Day 24: I had a huge breakthrough today in peace in the Lord. The Lord gave me fresh insight for our team for Adelaide. It is His ministry and I will trust Him to lead every step of the way. 
One student testified today that she passed her final year ED med exams with total peace. This is a huge miracle for her as she is usually in much panic and can get blocks. Praise the Lord!