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Uniting Prayer and Fasting, is a prayer movement within the Uniting Church of Australia.  Its aims are to pray for repentance and revival in Jesus’ name in our own lives, the church, family, local community ,  country and the world .  It especially focuses on prayers for the National Assembly of the Uniting Church, and offers prayer support for each Assembly Standing Committee.   Uniting Prayer and Fasting in its foundation stage began as a ministry of Liverpool Uniting Church.
History:    Uniting Prayer and Fasting came out of the ACC led, Sacred Season of Prayer and Fasting before the Uniting Church Assembly in 2009.   Uniting Prayer and Fasting is not part of the ACC,  however some members of the ACC support it, and Liverpool Uniting Church, the founding congregation of Uniting Prayer and Fasting is an ACC congregation.   Uniting Prayer and Fasting seeks to be a prayer movement for all the church to be a part of.Uniting Prayer and Fasting has evolved and is no longer a ministry of Liverpool Uniting but seeks to be a national prayer movement within the Uniting Church of Australia.

The aims, arms and acts of Uniting Prayer and Fasting seek to be by the Lord Jesus Christ’s grace and in the power of the Holy Spirit……


The two  focuses of prayer

The three  arms of Uniting Prayer and Fasting

How each arm functions

1)       personal and corporate repentance inviting the Lord Jesus Christ  to come address and deal with us , and to acquit our guilt, so that  we might live and endure through the changes of history through the news of his completed work.

“ The Uniting Church acknowledges that the Church is able to live and endure through the changes of history only because its Lord comes, addresses, and deals with people in and through the news of his completed work. Christ who is present when he is preached among people is the Word of the God who acquits the guilty,”   Paragraph 4  Basis of Union

2)      Prayers for revival and awakening of  faith in the Lord Jesus Christ  inviting Christ to bring life to that which is dead in us, to command our attention and awaken our faith.

 â€œChrist who is present when he is preached among people is the Word of the God who acquits the guilty, who gives life to the dead and who brings into being what otherwise could not exist.  Through human witness in word and action, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ reaches out to command people’s attention and awaken faith”   Par 4 Basis of Union

 1)       Friday Prayer and Fasting, aims at encouraging prayer and fasting every Friday  for the Uniting Church at every level, as well as partner churches and issues that emerge within our society.

2)      Assembly Prayer Support   provides prayer support for the Assembly and the Assembly Standing Committee which meets 3 times a year.    This will include a a Prayer Rally each time Assembly Standing Committee at different places around Australia.   Individuals, congregatons are welcomed to join in these prayer times and to pray for breakthrough for our church, (especially Assembly), our lives, families, local communities and countries.

Every three years,  there will be 40 days of prayer and fasting in the lead up to the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.

3) Daily reading and prayers
Through the Uniting Prayer and Fasting facebook site daily readings and prayers are sent out.  Usually they are from the lectionary.




Every Friday is a day of prayer and fasting.   A facebook message is sent out each  Friday to remind people to pray and fast and includes a short prayer and bible reading.   See below to join this growing facebook group. Every Friday  a short message is texted to those wishing with a reminder to fast and pray .    Mobile texts are also sent out.   Email  revanne@bigpond.net.au if you wish to receive these text reminders.

Daily prayers for our church’s leadership is encouraged including prayers for the Uniting Church President,  President Elect and General Sectretary.

Every Friday there is a communion prayer service   11:30 a.m. at Liverpool Uniting Church  with a meal following to break the fast.



In the week leading up to  and during each Assembly Standing Committee Uniting Prayer and Fasting   leads    prayer and fasting for the church. .

During this time there are daily facebooks reminders to pray and fast, plus daily mobile texts.

We then have a prayer rally at different locations to pray for the Assembly Standing Committee.

          During these times of prayer and fasting  congrregations, or individuals around Australia  are encouraged to set aside time to fast and pray for the Assembly Standing Committee.    As well as prayer for the ASC this is also  a time for focussing on individual and corporate repentance and revival and awakening of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
We have many facebook Uniting Prayer and Fasting members from other countries.

During the Assembly Standing Committee, people together for a prayer rally in different places each time to pray for each of the sessions of the ASC.      Other churches, prayer groups or individuals around the nation will be encouraged to form a prayer group where they are to cover at least one of the sessions of the ASC.

b)  Triennial National Assembly Prayer Support

Every three years,  Uniting Prayer and Fasting will call the church to a season of 40 days of Prayer and Fasting in the lead up  to and during the National Assembly Meeting of the Uniting Church in Australia.

This will be done in consultation with the General Secretary and the incoming President.

A devotional prayerbook written on the Assembly theme (chosen by the Uniting Church incoming President) will be written on this theme , and made available to congregations, presbyteries and synods to encourage the whole church to pray in the lead up to the Assembly.

Facebook messages, mobile texts will be sent out daily through this time.

Congregations will be encouraged to gather together in prayer through these 40 days.
Liverpool Uniting will host a communion prayer gathering every day for the 40 days.  During the meeting of the Assembly,  the prayer communion services will occur in a church in the same city of the location of the national Assembly and will be open to all who are interested in attending.

3.   Daily Reading and Prayers
Uniting Prayer and Fasting will encourage the church to daily prayer by posting daily readings and prayers.  These can include prayers for the Uniting Church and our Partner Churches.